Make a Commitment

While we tend to focus on the dangers of illegal drugs, prescription drugs lead to far more emergency room visits and overdose deaths.

By making a commitment to lock the medicine cabinet, you will help turn the tide.  The goal of Lock the Cabinet is to raise awareness about the dangers of addictive prescription drugs such as opioids (Vicodin, OxyContin), benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax), and stimulant medications (Adderall, Ritalin).

People who become addicted to prescription pain killers will often go to great lengths to get their drug of choice. They might go to many different doctors to secure prescriptions, known as doctor shopping. They might go as far as to forge a prescription. Pharmacy robberies have risen dramatically over the last decade, and opiates are usually the drug that thieves target.

One man addicted to opiate pain killers recently shared his method to obtain more pain killers; he would go to open houses every weekend and scour the medicine cabinets for Vicodin or other opiate drugs.

Teens are our biggest concern.  As they become curious about drugs, the last thing you want as a parent is to make it easy for them to get them.  Even if your own teen doesn’t touch your leftover Vicodin, what if one of their friends does?

To avoid becoming an accidental drug dealer, make a commitment to Lock the Cabinet.

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