Campuses are Becoming Aware of Adderall

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The traditional student entering college is often experiencing their first extended time away from home. They’re expected to cope with a lot of changes while performing well academically. Some students seek out ways to eliminate the stress and many of them are finding Adderall as the solution.

The most stressful time in any semester is finals week. It’s the week that students have to focus hard to finish projects and memorize material for their exams. This can result in long hours at the library, little sleep, poor nutrition and plenty of stress.

The University of California – Berkeley enrolls some of the nations brightest students. But these students aren’t immune to stress brought on by academics. Many of them turn to caffeinated beverages, but there is also a growing awareness of Adderall and a growing acceptance of the drug.

Some students say they feel they are expected to take it to perform at their academic best. Local law enforcement says they haven’t busted any of the UC Berkeley students with the drug, unlike Columbia University on the East Coast where five students were recently arrested for supplying the drug.

While there seems to be an almost casual approach to taking the drug, it has addictive qualities and often results in the user taking increasingly larger doses to get the same effect. There is not much known about long-term side effects to taking the drug, and there are doctors who prescribe it without much hesitation. Students simply need to display ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) symptoms and see the right doctor and get a prescription.

For students who really do suffer from ADHD the drug makes higher education a reality. Some ADHD sufferers say that without Adderall, their minds race, they have many thoughts competing in their heads and studying is nearly impossible. For others, it’s a super stimulant that can help one focus for hours at a time, but also makes one feel jittery and sleepless.

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