Teen Substance Abuse a National Concern

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A recent nationwide study unveils the increasing problem of teenagers misusing prescribed drugs, as well as illegal ones, shedding light on the epic public health problem in our country. The report highlights the culture in America and how our teens are at risk for using addictive drugs. Messages received from adults are often glamorized by the media through the alcohol and tobacco manufacturers.

The study published in Cadca uncovers the awareness of addiction and how it has origins in adolescence. Since adolescence is a crucial time for introduction to substance abuse, the research unveils the huge, costly consequences of this problem to the teenager’s health and social life.

The media’s take on throwing these images at our adolescents and teenagers only helps to demoralize our children’s health and negatively impact their future. Some of the report’s highlights include:

Vice President and Director of CASA, Susan Foster, says the problem is that as a nation we are failing to intervene. It is time to recognize that our teens have a substance abuse problem and that it can be a preventable one. Foster says we should respond to it as intensely as we would with any other epidemic that was affecting or threatening the health and safety of our children.

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