New Website Helps Combat Abuse of Prescription Drugs

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There has been a great deal of concern lately over the abuse of prescription drugs. South Florida has seen a huge increase in newborn babies being born addicted to drugs as a result of their mothers’ prescription drug addiction problems.

With all of this heightened awareness, Purdue Pharma L.P. has stepped up to the plate to create a new website to focus on the problem of prescription drug abuse, according to an article in Third Age. The website is called and it is currently available as an aid to a variety of industries and organizations from healthcare to law enforcement and community outreach. The intent of the website is to fight back against the illegal distribution, sale and abuse of prescription drugs.

Purdue Pharma is working with the Office of Drug Policy in the Federal Government to establish initiatives that are outlined in the plan developed by the government to better educate both healthcare employees and consumers. The plan aims to monitor and track prescription medicines and their proper storage and disposal in hopes to better govern the use of dangerous opioid medications.

The initiative also seeks to better enforce already existing laws and regulations regarding these analgesic medications. President and CEO of Purdue, John H. Stewart, said that they are committed to helping healthcare, law enforcement and the local community to reduce illegal sales and distribution of prescription medications while at the same time keeping them readily available for necessary medical treatments.

Stewart believes the best chance to stop the abuse of these prescription medications is to have greater partnerships with the areas in our communities that recognize what this serious problem for our public health systems. The new website will increase awareness about prescription drug problems and assist the community in how to recognize and prevent abuse, directing people to the proper treatment for prescription drug addiction.

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