Risky Behavior Increases for Teens During Summer Months

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Most of us embrace the summertime for the sheer reason that it tends to be a more relaxing time of year with many fun activities planned. However, officials caution parents not to get too lax with their teens because it is also the deadliest three months of the year for them.

According to a recent article, during the months of May through August, teen deaths increase. This is in large part due to the consumption of alcohol. Young adults tend to drink and drive more during the summer than any other time of year.

Officials urge parents to pay particularly close attention to their teens during the summer and advise them to have conversations educating them on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Teens that drink are also more inclined to have unprotected sex and engage in other risky behaviors. They also are more apt to develop an alcohol addiction as they age if they start drinking under the age of 21.

With this in mind, there are certain watch groups that encourage parents to be more involved in their teenagers’ lives. Statistics say that the more hands-on a parent is the less likely their child will drink.

Open communication seems to be the answer in dealing with this age group. While just simply telling your child that they should not do something often encourages them to do just the opposite. Help them understand the dangers and how they can still have fun, but in a way that keeps them out of harm.

While teens appreciate freedom, they also need to know there are boundaries and that their parents care about them. Giving teens some leeway in their lives and helping to establish trust with their parents, can also be the tipping point on the decisions they make when they are out of their mother or father’s direct supervision.

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