Prescription Drugs Need To Be In a Secure Place

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Not every drug abuser is easy to spot. Even for professionals, identifying people with an addiction to the prescription drugs in the medicine cabinet can be difficult. That’s why health officials are urging those hosting family over the holidays to move the drugs out of unsecured locations, such as the unlocked medicine cabinet.

The WARExE Consumer Protection Program encourages everyone to put prescription drugs into an area that is much more secure than the typical place one might find them. The program recognizes that when a number of houseguests show up, medications can come up missing, whether they’re painkillers or stimulants. The fear is real: according to some studies, the main source feeding the addiction of drug abusers are the medicine cabinets of family and friends who are often clueless that their meds are slowly disappearing from the cabinet. This can be particularly harmful to youths aged 12 to 13 years old who often don’t understand the consequences of even the short-term affects of the drugs they’re ingesting. At that tender age, prescription drugs are the most popular – more so than marijuana or alcohol.

While hiding your drugs won’t solve a relative or friend’s drug abuse problem, it will keep them out of your supply and keep them safe while they’re in your home. Teen drug abuse is a popular topic in the news as families realize their naïveté when it comes to leaving their prescription drugs out in the open or waiting behind an unsecured medicine cabinet for the teens and pre-teens to experiment with them. Just because they aren’t going to a dangerous part of town to stock up on their supply doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences through getting their drugs at home.

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