Organization Launches Prescription Drug Drop-Off Boxes

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The medicine cabinet at home is quickly becoming the gateway to prescription drug abuse. According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, nearly 70 percent of prescription drug abusers were able to get their hands on the meds of choice from friends or relatives. Often times, the medications they are abusing are expired. There has been a noted 400 percent influx of admissions for substance abuse treatment for those abusing prescription drugs.

This epidemic of prescription drug abuse has forced the American Medicine Chest Challenge (AMCC) to create a national directory for all permanent collection boxes for expired, unused or unwanted prescription drugs. A recent article talks about the push to take charge of the abuse. The AMCC is the country’s leading privately funded public health campaign to prevent prescription drug abuse.

Several agencies collaborated to create the online directory, from local and county officials to state law enforcement. As of now, the interactive map shows the 11 permanent collection sites placed in participating states. Angelo Valente, an executive officer with AMCC, believes that when a family has the list of collection boxes to discard their prescription drugs more lives could be saved. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that every 19 minutes there is a death related prescription drug use in the United States.

Valente and the AMCC are prompting everyone to take part in the American Medicine Chest 5-step Challenge. This simply means taking an accurate inventory of all medicines in your home and securing them. If there are prescription drugs that are not being use, unwanted or have expired, get rid of them. Another part of the challenge is to talk to children concerning the danger of taking other people’s prescription drugs.

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