Dangers of Illicit Stimulant Use Among Young Adults

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As colleges and universities are regular settings for the abuse of illicit stimulants, doctors are increasingly concerned about the students’ lack of understanding of illicit drugs. Many students have a false perception that they improve grades and will help them stay alert to better their academic performance.

Doctors say the professed benefits are somewhat questionable. Drs. Rosenfield and Hebert, coauthors of a recent study published in Science Daily, say the majority of evidence doesn’t show any cognitive enhancements due to stimulant use as compared to placebos in individuals who are healthy. In fact, students are sadly mistaken if they think simply popping a pill will help them improve their grades or give them new academic skills.

Both doctors state that the abuse of such prescriptions as atomoxetine and methylphenidate have been increasing at alarming rates from 5% to 35%, putting some of the brightest minds at risk. Most of these students are clueless to the side effects and dangers of stimulants. Without proper medical administration these drugs can cause addiction, overdose, irregular heartbeats, and even depression and death.

Universities need to begin more health education measures to expose the risks of such stimulants. The authors compare this epidemic to that of doping in college and professional sports and view it as simply cheating and substance abuse, plain and simple.

If you have a young adult in your home, it is important to talk to them about this new epidemic before it becomes a threat to them or their friends.

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