Over the Counter Drugs Can Be Addictive

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It is not just illegal drugs or prescriptions that can lead to addiction. Even over the counter medications can become a problem if used in excess.

A recent study was conducted and detailed in a report that individuals who may be considered "respectable" patients can become addicted to such drugs as codeine simply by using it for a medical need.

The addiction happens after the patient takes the drug for an extended time or takes more than the recommended dose.

This is no different than any other drug addiction, except for the fact that it is not prescribed and is legal to obtain without a written recommendation from a doctor.

The fact that you can go and buy medications with codeine in them makes this a highly accessible drug which means the chance of removing yourself from taking the medication may be increasingly difficult simply because you can go to about any drug store and buy it.

This all goes back to the old adage, everything in moderation. A person may start by taking a medication with codeine or another drug with high addiction qualities to simply calm an ache or pain. Before they know it, they are taking more and more to the point that they are addicted.

The person may not even realize that they are addicted and don’t recognize they have a problem because it is a drug they bought over the counter.

Just because they didn’t need a prescription to obtain the meds doesn’t mean they won’t need some sort of medical intervention to be able to kick the habit they have developed.

Every medication was developed for some reason to help a person feel better than how they felt prior to taking it. If you are getting relief, then the medication has done its job.

If you’re not feeling better or have developed a dependency as you seek to get healthy, then the medication has begun to do more harm than good. Your ailment may become a mind over matter problem that you need help to treat.

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