All in a Pill

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Today we increasingly see medications available for various uses. Take one for weight loss, take another to ease your worries and now you can take a pill to help you concentrate and study better.

According to statistics in a recent article, Adderall sales have jumped more than 3,100 percent in the last ten years. Three out of ten college students are also likely to use the drug to help them study.

Adderall is an amphetamine that has been commonly prescribed for treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and to help people’s concentration or focus. This drug has only been approved for use in the United State and Canada. However, Canada has taken it off its shelves in the last several years as a result of several sudden deaths involving its users.

The question that has come about is why so many patients are being prescribed Adderall, including children and young adults, who make up a large part of its users. Also, for every person who is prescribed the medication, there are equally enough others who obtain it illegally. In many cases, it has become the drug of choice on college campuses.

Students claim they study better, therefore are able to get better grades when under the use of Adderall. They have become so dependent on the drug, they believe their academic career would be tarnished if they did not have access to the medication.

Some officials say that drug use of this type sets an unfair advantage for those who choose not to take the drugs. Many believe those who have access to Adderall have increased their grade point average and it has encouraged others to also try to obtain the medication to compete.

The bigger issue at hand is why so many youngsters are being prescribed such drugs to help them calm down and focus. Some believe their nutrition and their mother’s activities while they were in the womb could be contributing factors. Further research is needed to reduce overuse of this prescription drug.

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