Abuse in the Medicine Cabinet

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Teen drug abuse is on the rise and it is not necessarily illegal drugs that are causing the problem. A study detailed in a recent article has information that is important for parents to know about how their children can get addicted to drugs.

Prescription drugs are the problem that has been identified in the study. The drugs are being used for medical and non-medical reasons and then are not being properly disposed of.

What is happening is that the teen or their parent receives a prescription for a medication. They take the pills for a certain amount of time, then leave them in the medicine cabinet which is easy for anyone to get access to.

The teen starts taking the pills and often they develop an addiction. Had the pills been properly disposed of, then perhaps it would not have been an option for the teen to take the drugs or at least would have made them more difficult to obtain.

Another concern about prescription drug use is that it seems to be the gateway drug to heroin use. Research has shown that if a person abuses prescription medication then they are more inclined to try heroin.

Keeping prescription drugs under lock and key and away from anyone who does not have a prescription for their use could end up protecting a lot of people in the process. Getting rid of the drug after completing the needed dose would be a better step.

Another option to keep drugs out of the hands of potential abusers would be for physicians to cut down the dosage allowance for patients and only write prescriptions for the amount of medication that is absolutely necessary.

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